State Museum

Probably, the most popular cultural delight for tourists in Lucknow is the State Museum. Established in the year 1863, the multipurpose State Museum is the largest and the oldest museum in Lucknow. Located within premises of Lucknow Zoo, this renowned cultural site in Lucknow houses various galleries. Indian sculpture, Jain art, Egyptian, archaeological, Buddha, Nawab arts and coins, natural history, and metal art are some popular names in the list of galleries in State Museum, Lucknow. The exhibits put up on these galleries belong to bygone eras, and hence, give tourists an ultimate historical tour in Lucknow. In the initial year, there was just the collection of contemporary objects and arts of Awadh. However, later the museum expands its galleries. Not just for the elder people, the State Museum is also one of the best places to visit in Lucknow for kids. Besides the historical knowledge through exhibits, the museum also organizes various screen films and events for college students and school children.