Tandoori Momos

Make delicious and yummy momos marinated with tandoori red masala.
Momos are every ones favourite. They are so yummy and delicious. A perfectly charred and cooked tandoori momos are a new twist to our regular momos which are now this season”s favorite. These momos are full of spices and are marinated with yogurt based marination. And cooked over charcoal fire for a distinct smoky flavors.

These tandoori momos can even be cooked in Oven, over gas top and in a air fryer too. If you have been looking for such a tandoori momos recipe then you have come to the right place. Here I bring you the step by step guide on how to make tandoori momos at home with photos and video.

What is Tandoori Momos?

Tandoori momos is one of a variety of traditional momos which are marinated with tandoori masala and cooked over charcoal fire. They are crisp and charred from outside and soft and juicy from inside.  Spiced fillings either of vegetables or chicken are wrapped into different shaped baskets inside thin layered rolled dough balls. These baskets are then deep fried till crisp golden and cooked by marinating with tandoori masala over charcoal fire.

What to serve with these momos?

The best way to serve these momos are with green chutney (mint sauce). At restaurant we serve three different types of chutney with tandoori momos. Spicy momo chutney or Schezwan sauce, sweet chilly sauce and green chutney.A fresh salad can also be served with them.